Miami, Florida
So to help share information on what is known for NVE4, this page exists. Updates and information will be posted here as new factoids
come to light.
There's a President's Meeting in Miami running from
April 25th through April 28th, 2019.

The chosen hotel is the Hilton Miami Airport Blue
Lagoon, shown at the top right of this page. It is
probably safe to assume this will be the hotel used for
NVE4, but that is not official information, nor have any
other details been released as of February 1st, 2019.
Here's a Google Maps link to the hotel:

Homestead-Miami Speedway will be the chosen track
for NVE4 track events.  The track is located 29.4 miles
away from the hotel. Here's a Google Maps link to the

An email was sent to the chapter presidents on
February 9th, talking about travel expenses. I want to
clarify that all expenses for this President's meeting
are paid for out of my own pocket. I will not use club
funds for this kind of event. It seems selfish.
There will be a convoy from Pennsylvania to Miami, but if you don't
want to drive, there will be other options.

We have a personal transporter in this club. Frank Barba does vehicle
transportation, and may be available to haul your car to and from
NVE4. His email is frankbarba@aol.com if  you wish to reach out to

Last year, the VOA worked a deal with Passport Transport. I'm
expecting a similar deal for this event. Nothing has been announced
as of yet, so if there isn't a deal in place after this President's Meeting,
I will engage with Passport Transport and National Transport to come
up with something. You're also welcome to set up your own
transportation. I'm sure we'll be provided with a good place to drop
cars off.