So we have a few items of Viper merchandise for sale, with
more items coming soon!! Also, we're always looking for
idea for new things, so if you have ideas of Club or
Viper-related items, let us know!!

Also, all these photos are of myself. If you need a model for
anything, I'm available for that. LOL
The Classic 2016 PA/WV VOA
T-shirt. These are printed on
Port & Company shirts and are
50/50 Cotton/Polyester. The
PA/WV Logo is on the left breast
and the five generations of the
Viper are chronicled on the back.

I'm 6ft-2in and I'm wearing an XL
size. I've washed mine half a
dozen times and it hasn't shrunk
or faded at all. I've very happy
with my shirt.

Price: $15
Stock: 2x L, 2x XL, 1x 3 XL
The Classic 3-Button Polo
short-sleeve shirt. The PA/WV
Logo on the front left breast
and blank on the back. Perfect
for work or any semi-formal

These are Port Authority polos
that are 60/40 Cotton/Polyester.

Price: $25
Stock: 2x M, 4x L, 1x XL
Check this awesome jacket!
These are Port Authority
zip-ups, and I'm wearing an XL

The PA/WV Logo on the front
left breast, a huge VOA logo on
the back, and the Sneaky Pete
logo on the left bicep. The right
side is blank. Red zipper too.
Adds 5hp!!

Price: $100
Stock: 1x L, 3x XL
Once you've removed this
sunshade from its bag, you will
never get it folded back in

These sunshades are super
great for protecting your
interior while you're parked
outside. They're super
lightweight and will easily stash
behind your seat if you can
learn to fold it.

Price: $20
Stock: 2
To order something, email me at and I
will make it happen!!
Check these out!! These are official
RTIC-brand 20oz Tumblers with the
PA/WV VOA logo on one side and then
one of the FCA-approved Viper logos
on the other. I've got Sneaky Pete,
Fangs, and Stryker mugs for sale.

$35 each
Stock: Plenty!