Added a couple items for sale, and also still
have some stock of older swag. Check it out!!!
The Classic 3-Button Polo
short-sleeve shirt. The
PA/WV Logo on the front left
breast and blank on the
back. Perfect for work or any
semi-formal event.

These are Port Authority
polos that are 60/40

Price: $25
Stock: L
, two
Once you've removed this
sunshade from its bag, you
will never get it folded back
in place!!

These sunshades are super
great for protecting your
interior while you're parked
outside. They're super
lightweight and will easily
stash behind your seat if you
can learn to fold it.

Price: $20
To order something, email me at and I
will make it happen!!
Check these out!! These are official
RTIC-brand 20oz Tumblers with the
PA/WV VOA logo on one side and
then one of the FCA-approved
Viper logos on the other. I've got
Sneaky Pete, Fangs, and Stryker
mugs for sale.

$35 each
Sneaky Pete: 12
           Fangs: 8
           Stryker: 16
This shirt is called "Roadkill". It's the
tread from a Pirelli P-Zero Corsa
rolled over the shirt, and then a
Stryker logo in the center of the
neck in back, and a vertical club
logo on the front. The light color is
actually a silver. Made by Dyesport,
the same company that made
everyone's favourite Connor
Avenue and SRT Motorsports
jerseys, these shirts are super
high-quality, with a price to match.

They run a little long in length, but
the sizes are the same as your
other clothing.

Price: $70
Sizes: Youth, Men's M, L, XL, XXL
Women's M, L, and XL.
Here's a sweet umbrella with all the
Viper logos on it. This is a 60-inch
Slazenger unit with a fiberglass
shaft and rubber grippy handle. It's
a pushbutton release with a manual
slider. Also, it's vented, so it won't
pull you off your feet with a stiff gust
of wind.

Price: $35