Here's a place to list Viper parts and items for sale by members.
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IPSCO Gen V Tow Hooks
You can see these here:

Made for all Gen V cars that don't have the ACR Extreme rear
diffuser, this set is both sides, and has never been used. Listed
new as $98.00, the asking price for both these is $50.
Hoosier R7 tires.
295/30-18 fronts and 345/30-19 rears.
Never used.
Two sets available!!!
Shipping is a pain in the ass, so is not really available, but contact Bryan
and it can be discussed.
New on Tirerack for $417.58 each front, $545.33 each rear.
Asking price $1,000 per set. What a steal!!!
1996 Viper GTS Wheels
These are the cast and welded wheels, not the forged wheels.
One has inner barrel damage that I've not bothered to have
repaired yet. They are all equipped with the factory original
Michelin MMX3 tires in 275/40-17 fronts and 335/35-17s in the
back. All the tires need trashed, unless you want them for
historic purposes. The asking price of $400 for the set of four
is for them as-is (I'll do a better job cleaning them. They're dirty
in these photos.) Removal of the tires and repair of the
damaged wheel will cause the price to rise, but I don't know
how far. More or less, you'll be paying me for the work.