Here is the official schedule of events:

Friday, May 3rd
Cruise from Quality Inn, in Lewisburg, WV to Snowshoe, WV, and then the Green Bank Radio Telescope and Science Center. It's around
150 miles round trip, so it will take most of the day.

Saturday, May 4th
8:30am – 9:45am Car Staging
10am – 2pm: International Car Show ($50/car, paid for by the PA/WV Viper Club)
Cruise to Paint Bank, VA, and then back towards dinner at a location I've not decided on yet. lol

Sunday, May 5th
10am – 2pm: Greenbrier Concours d’Elegance
3pm: Awards Ceremony

I have ten hotel rooms reserved at the Quality Inn in Lewisburg, WV. The rate there is $105 a night. Including taxes, the total for
Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights is $362.80. Be sure to let me know if you're interested, as I have a conformation number to give
to you.

Keith Filzen from K2 Motorsports in Caldwell, West Virginia (7.2 miles from the Greenbrier and 5.5 miles from the Quality Inn) has
offered an open house for us to come hang out. They have an in-house dyno, alignment rack, and a Corghi touchless tire mounting
machine and a road force balancer. If you wanted to have any parts installed or get yourself new set of tires shipped here, it would be
the perfect opportunity. Keith has also suggested the idea of a dyno day. But again, I need to know who's interested.

We are all definitely locked into the car show Saturday, but we can break away after that for a cruise and dinner. Friday will be the
other cruise with some meals.

Sunday will be our chance to go rub elbows with the Concours entrants and depart at your leisure.

Please let Bryan know as soon as you can if you are in for this, and I'll firm up cruise stops and food plans, or let Keith know we're going
to shut his shop down for a day!
Cruise 1: 142 miles